joi, 27 decembrie 2012


Hunger flavoured cigarettes
Lightening the dark
Snowy purple hazed sunsets
It's all coming back

happening so fast that I can't tell
if dust smells like cold
or cold smells like dust
In peace we trust but when it passed
In hell we rust
-unless we're gold -
but i've been told
we're never too young, neither too old

for eyelids to darken
And senses to sharpen
-They say It's all
but a repetitive cycle
Cause souls persist but lives recycle

So plug your ears
shut your mouth
Get prepared for the fall
Close your eyes
to see it all
take the pride
enjoy the ride

miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012

Thank you brain

   At some point my life had become a matter of getting wasted so i can fall asleep, eating so i can drink more, drinking not to feel the hangover anymore, gettin crunk and then eating again in order to get more sleep.
    But When it came to dust, this whole cycle failed. And that's when i was truly fucked.